Sonntag, 8. April 2012

Hollow Grounds - The Review Roundup

Its been almost 3 months now since the release of Hollow Grounds. As  helper to all who also try to get out an iphone game, here is a final verdict on the amount of reviews and publicity Hollow Grounds got:

Number of Websites written for Reviews: 90
Number of Replies by Websites: 18
Number of Articles written: 18
Number of Reviews: 10

Favourable Reviews:
Big'n'Side - "Gold Award"
Gamecity - "8/10"
Calm Down Tom - "7/10"
iReviewT - "A-" + "Must Have Award"
Save Game Online - "8/10"
Nine Over Ten - "4.5/5"
Master of Hubes/Appblitz - "9/10"

Middle Ground Reviews
iphonegamerUK - "3/5"
indie gamer chick - no score

Unfavourable Reviews
AppAdvice - "2/5"

What are your experiences with trying to promote your app? Let me know. I hope this list might help people new into this thing knowing what to expect.

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